Taylor who?

Honestly , I'm just a young woman who wasn't much good at anything besides using her imagination. After my love-hate relationship with school deepened into an unsuccessful (but valiant) attempt at getting through junior college - I stumbled into makeup artistry, where I fell in love with creativity in new and inspiring ways. I spent my days making monsters and honed my writing skills by night. It didn't take long before my voice manifested and my love affair with novel-writing turned into a life-long dedication.


I live in Central Oregon with a cat I love more than most people, an overweight dog, and two parents who are my best friends.


When I'm not writing, I'm probably planning a less-than-glamorous adventure to another country, volunteering at wildlife sanctuaries, or stalking the New Release section at my local bookstore. When I'm not doing any of that, I'm most certainly reading, eating a bunch of plants, and thinking about writing. Or I'm at Pride. Or a comic convention. Or Laguna Beach. Who knows.